King Feng Chuen, is a Taiwan-based manufacturer and international seller of raw materials for bubble tea and Taiwanese foods. We have customers around the world. To cater to the demands of diver markets, we have strong R&D team to help customize products. We supply wide range of materials for bubble tea, soft serve ice cream, ice cream, snow ice, pudding and jelly, fried chicken, waffle and etc...Not only dessert, we also supply materials for Taiwanese beef noodles, hotpot soup base, and so on. 


100,00 US$ - 120,00 US$/Hộp các tông
1 Hộp các tông(Min. Order)
7,00 US$ - 8,00 US$/Túi
75 Túi(Min. Order)
131,00 US$ - 133,40 US$/Hộp các tông
3 Hộp các tông(Min. Order)
140,80 US$ - 152,00 US$/Hộp các tông
5 Hộp các tông(Min. Order)
85,00 US$ - 95,00 US$/Hộp các tông
1 Hộp các tông(Min. Order)
60,00 US$ - 80,00 US$/Hộp các tông
1 Hộp các tông(Min. Order)
6,50 US$ - 7,50 US$/Túi
20 Túi(Min. Order)